Objectives of Kenya Development Associates-Germany

The Association is a forum for Kenyan professionals, students and businessmen and their German counter parts to discuss issues pertaining to education, development, trade, culture as well as political reforms process in Kenya. The objectives outlined hereunder are guidelines on which members are free to make further suggestions and recommendations to be adopted subject to approval by the Board members as stipulated in the Constitution.
The Association shall liaise with other Kenyan organisations engaged in similar activities in locally and Europe in general to enhance the objectives and initiatives aimed at promoting the above.
Promote cultural activities necessary to bring closer Kenyans living in Germany and their hosts by staging exhibitions portraying diversified culture and traditions of Kenyan people:

  1. By organising activities projecting various traditions and cultures of Kenyans
  2. By facilitating plays written by Kenyans in schools and public venues and
  3. Hold discussion or make presentation in different forums when and wherever it is possible.

Facilitate economic discussions between Kenyan and their German counterparts for the benefit of the parties concerned and the two countries in general, and where necessary organise trade exhibitions in line with the requirements and conditions outlined by the parties concerned.
The various institutions KDA anticipate to cooperate shall be;

  1. Industrie und Handelskammerincluding as well as IHP
  2. Kenya - German Business Associations and where there is none, help to form one
  3. Economic regulators and other relevant organisations
  4. Farmers' associations, public and private institutions including cooperative societies
  5. Play a part in the formation of cooperative societies in Kenya for the association to realise its objective of promoting subsistence farming
  6. Solicit for implements required to accomplish such initiatives

The Association shall participate in democratisation and reform process in Kenya through dialogue with relevant institutions such as civil societies, government bodies and any groups whose objectives are in line with those of the association, i.e

  1. Facilitate forums for discussion on socio-economic matters
  2. Compile and present the views of the association in such gatherings
  3. Pursue and promulgate resolutions that are feasible in the interest of those involved.

Promote Kenya's image through academic forums, seminars, conferences, lectures and publication materials. The Association whenever called upon, shall participate in academic, political or socio-economic discussions if the subject is within the ambit of our objectives and if KDA can avail a competent member versed in the said subject in question to participate and as long as such a forum is organised by the following;

  • a) Learning Institutions
  • b) German NGOs which are engaged in Political and Economic development of developing countries and either or not affiliated to any local political parties, and
  • c) Publication houses and Media

Facilitate transfer of humanitarian assistance. KDA shall, with the help from both public and private institutions, charitable organisations including individuals, solicit for assistance materials deemed to be of use to the needy learning and healthcare institution at district level.
Facilitate academic exchange between German learning and research institutions for the benefit of the two countries, particularly in Capacity Building i.e. on Agriculture, Healthcare and Economic Prosperity.